Why An Independent Advisor

Focused, Unbiased and Specific Counsel

Rather than simply executing transactions, your advisor should be focused on providing exceptional advice to meet your needs- something Arya Lane Capital prioritizes above all else.  Arya Lane Capital's wealth management team has no incentive to recommend transactions and instead seeks to provide their best, unbiased advice and counsel at all times.

Dedicated and Impartial

Your interests are best served by an advisor who acts sincerely dedicated and impartial.

Open-Architecture Approach, Secure Custody and Comprehensive Reporting

As a member of the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, Arya Lane Capital is able to provide access to the vast resources of an internationally recognized financial firm.  We are not obligated to sell certain products, creating a conflict-free environment. Investment solutions are vetted through an institutional research process and consistently monitored throughout the investment cycle.